Update 3 on COVID-19

June 15, 2020

Dear members, family, and friends in Christ:

Your Lamb of God Council and Clergy have been prayerfully, thoughtfully and diligently preparing to return to in-person worship services at Lamb of God. We will do so when it is deemed safe and healthy or all of us. However, every person must determine when it is best for him/her to return to in-person worship services.

The Council and Clergy are establishing guidelines for return to in-person worship, which will be published shortly. The process includes studying and applying, when appropriate, recommendations from CDC guidelines, State of Florida guidelines, ELCA guidelines, Florida-Bahama Synod guidelines, and best practices of other churches/businesses. These guidelines will be sent out to you via email, US Postal Service, and posted on our website.

PLEASE BE ASSURED, we will continue our online worship and devotions. We will also continue to have the church open on Wednesday from 10 to 12 for prayer.

We miss you. We pray that you are and remain safe and healthy. We look forward to joining you in worship, fellowship, and celebration of our Lord and the blessings He has bestowed on us.

In Christ,

Church Council
Pastor Joe
Vicar Izzy

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