Reopening Announcement - September 13

Dear Members, Family & Friends in Christ:
Mark your calendars: Lamb of God will reopen for in-person Sunday worship services beginning on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 10:00 am.

Your Lamb of God Church Council and Clergy have been prayerfully, thoughtfully and diligently working to create a safe worship environment for you at Lamb of God. We trust that diligent compliance with the rules listed below will keep us safe; however, we all know that there is no absolute guarantee that one can avoid becoming infected with this potentially deadly virus.

For those who will attend services at the church, please comply with the following guidelines:
(1) If you have not already done so, provide personal contact information to the church office. This information will be used only if and when necessary to do contact tracing;
(2) Stay six feet apart from one another at all times. This rule does not apply to family members who feel safe sitting, standing and walking closer together. Pews will be marked to provide clear guidance on where to sit;
(3) Wear a face covering at all times except at the moment when taking communion, if you choose to commune;
(4) Use hand sanitizers placed at strategic locations in the church; and 
(5) Follow the ushers’ instructions on seating, and on leaving the church.

Please be assured that all appropriate sanitizing and other safety precautions, including training for pastors and support personnel, will be conducted prior to re-opening, and at other times if and when appropriate. Those precautions include cleaning the pews after each worship service, and providing an option to take communion with a pre-packaged wafer that has not been touched without sanitized gloves by anyone at Lamb of God.

Online worship services will be continued to be offered until you are notified otherwise.

Your Church Council and Pastors have carefully studied guidelines published by the federal Centers for Disease Control, the State of Florida, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Florida/Bahamas Synod. We are taking what we believe is a cautious approach. We will continue to exercise due diligence.

We miss you and look forward to greeting you at worship when you feel safe joining us. In the meanwhile, please continue to take every precaution to keep yourselves and others safe.
In His Love,
 Kathy Dierker, President
Lamb of God Church Council

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