September 2021 Update

Due to the extreme rise in COVID cases across Florida, the FL-Bahama Synod Council decided this month to change the Synod Assembly from face-to-face back to virtual again this year.
And as numbers are higher than they have ever been in Polk County, because the Delta
Variant behaves so differently, and because some of us can’t be vaccinated, including our
children, Council voted at their August Meeting to follow Synod and CDC Guidelines and STAY THE COURSE with Protocols already in place.  We will also TIGHTEN UP in a few areas we
previously relaxed a bit.
Here’s where we are right now:
Continuing to take contact information from visitors at the door
Continuing to Social Distance
Continuing to Wear Masks in Worship
Asking small groups (even if vaccinated) to wear masks again in building
Maintaining order for worship, but you may notice a few subtle changes
Asking folks to sing softly
Encouraging folks to use hand sanitizer before and after communion, etc.
Discontinuing indoor fellowship events for now
I know you are tired. . . we are all tired.  But Council is trying not to have to close our doors again, and feel these things are necessary in order to keep everyone safe as promised when this all began.
No doubt things will change again as the numbers change and the science adjusts to
ever-changing variables.  However, this is where we are right now.  We thank you for your faithful service in Christ as you take care of yourselves, your neighbors, and do your part to help ease the burden of our medical workers who are exhausted and struggling during these difficult days.
Together in Christ…

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