Christmas Season COVID Update

With the Christmas Season fast approaching, Council spent a great deal of time talking
about our COVID protocol at its last meeting. As we all know, it is complicated; and
Council is taking their responsibility to everyone seriously.
Please know that we are listening to all of you -- with some folks wanting to get rid of masks, and other folks only coming to in-person worship because they feel safe because everyone is wearing masks.
Data tells us masks not only protect the person wearing the mask, but more
importantly protect those nearby. Data also tells us that under the right circumstances,
even those vaccinated can spread the virus when not wearing masks. So, vaccinations and masks give the best combination of protection for all.
Even though Polk County numbers have recently gone down, with folks traveling from
all over and gathering indoors for the holidays, the numbers are expected to rise again. And just this week, hospitals are seeing an uptick in numbers.
With those things in mind. . . and the fact that the number of folks in worship will increase, there will be more families in our pews, and we all want to sing more for Christmas. . .
Council has decided to stay the course with masks, for now; so we can all joyfully and safely celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. Council will review where we are at again
in January.
So, here’s what that means for now:
· Continuing to socially distance from each other
· Continuing to wear masks in worship
· Asking folks to sing softly
· Encouraging folks to use hand sanitizer before and after communion, etc.
· Continuing to take contact information for visitors at the door
· Indoor Fellowship Hall events with masks when not eating
· Spread out and social distancing in Fellowship Hall
· Small groups (if all vaccinated) may decide among themselves to wear masks optionally
As we wait for the coming of the Christ Child this Advent, we are being asked to wait to give up our masks for an hour or so of worship for the sake of one another. We thank you for your faithful service as you take care of yourselves, and your neighbors in Jesus’ name.
Together in Christ -- Lamb of God Council

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