Clergy and Staff

Pastor Isoris ("Izzy) Bango-Sanchez

Associate Pastor and Mission Developer for Cordero de Dios
Pastor Izzy serves as Associate Pastor (2021) at Lamb of God. He also serves concurrently as Mission Developer, Iglesia Hispana Luterana Cordero de Dios, a Spanish-speaking congregation (2017-present) also located at Lamb of God. He is bi-lingual in Spanish and English. Pr. Izzy began his seminary education in October 2017 and is completed his training for ordination as a Lutheran minister in 2021. Pr. Izzy was born in Cuba. He obtained a Doctorate in Medicine degree in the Dominican Republic (1984) Then he obtained a degree in nursing and served as a registered nurse in Florida (1994). Pr. Izzy serves a volunteer in several community organizations.