Lamb of God places great value on an integrated and active music program.
Signs of this are present in each of our worship services and special events.
It is clear when attending services, that music plays and integral role.
Hymns and liturgies live in the Lutheran tradition of proclaiming the Word,
praising God, and containing the prayers of the gathered.

We utilize resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, as well as the new All Creation Sings supplement to use different musical styles to enhance our Worship services. 

Lamb of God Adult Choir

Under the direction of our Director of Music, Trevor Kyro, the Lamb of God Choir is the primary ensemble of worship. The group is open to all, even those with no musical training or experience. 

Bell Choir

Lamb of God Bells is a small group of dedicated bell ringers who supplement worship and festivals with a 3 octave set of English handbells.