Women's Group

Women of the ELCA (WELCA)

A nucleus of active women volunteers within Lamb of God provides a focus for volunteer activities and socialization for all of the women of the church and their friends. Some of the missions they support are: Mariatu's Hope, Backpack Lunch Program, Lutheran World Relief, Sunshine Foundation, A House Blest Food Pantry.

Some activities and missions supported by the WELCA throughout the year are:

WELCA ANNUAL RETREAT - Each year the women of Lamb of God and their friends meet at the Florida Leadership Training Center for a weekend to spend some quality time  to get reacquainted with God and deepen their relationship with Him through prayer, learning together, and quiet time. It is a time when they reconnect, remember, and re-examine their priorities in life, reflect on who they are, and their spiritual path. They have fun, play games, enjoy delicious food, collect items to donate, and also nourish their relationships with each other.

SPREAD THE LOVE - Peanut butter and Jelly drive. Every year during the month of February Lamb of God's WELCA organize a peanut butter and Jelly drive. All items collected are then donated to a local food pantry.

BAKE SALES - The WELCA group at Lamb of God organizes two bake sales a year. One on Easter Sunday and the Second one during Lamb of God's Spring Bazaar. All the women of Lamb of God are asked to bake an item and to help with set up and sales. All funds collected are donated to missions supported by Lamb of God WELCA.

RACHEL'S DAY - Rachel’s Day is observed by Women of the ELCA annually on the first Sunday in May.  It is based on  Jeremiah 31:15–17 wherein Rachel grieved for her children. It is a time set aside to mourn the loss  of our children and to renounce the forces of violence and fear.   They hand out blue ribbons in remembrance of this day and ask for prayers.

WELCA LUNCHEONS - Every year during Spring, Summer, and Christmas time the women of Lamb of God are invited to a Luncheon to share in fellowship. As part of their celebration and in the spirit of giving back they have different projects for all to help in. Thanks to all who attend and everyone’s support of our ministry, they are able to help different organizations every year. It is always a great time.